Go mantrailing

 Get connected with your dog, go mantrailing!


Mantrailing:  is to follow one person’s scent and identify that person. The trail can be laid in urban areas, suburbs, public parks or in shopping centre.

Dogs love it, they do it naturally! You can mantrail for fun or as a SAR team. Most important part of mantrailing is reading the dog and together with your dog you are on a hunt to find a “missing” person!

You learn to understand your dog’s body language; this comes in handy daily, when walking your dog.


The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • How to start a trail and how to lay a trail;
  • Reading your dog while trailing;
  • Motivation;
  • Negative indications;
  • Working intersections;
  • Scent ID;
  • no scent present indications,
  • displaced starts,
  • highly contaminated starts,
  • contaminated scent articles,
  • drop offs and pick-ups,
  • barriers,
  • moving mispers and group identifications.

Feedback is also supported by video.