Mantrailing Instructor Course 2021

Mantrialing France will be organising an exclusive man trailing instructor course in 2021. The course consists of four modules of 3 days each.
The 3-day course will contain mainly practical work. Each module will start with theory (one morning), and then the theory will be put into practice = action learning. In addition, a series of e learning modules containing videos of dogs trailing will help you learn and practice your dog reading skills at home in between the modules.

Designed and developed to provide both theoretical and hands-on practical skills in teaching man trailing.

For who:
For people who already trail/search with their own dogs at an advanced level;
For those who wish to instruct man trailing;
For advanced handlers who wish to develop a deeper understanding of man trailing.

The course is in English (I will translate in French, but do not expect fluent French).

During the course, each student will give a short presentation about how to lay trails or scent problems or how to start a dog man trailing.

At the end of the course, you must pass a multiple-choice test of your knowledge of man trailing, a double blind trailing test with your dog (which means: no one knows where the trail is, nor the handler or the assessor know where the trail is).

A group of starter students (who have no knowledge of man trailing) will be invited to follow a 1-day workshop. The trainee instructors must show their ability to teach these students the first steps of man trailing and how to solve problems. For example: a dog without motivation.

Price: 2250€ includes:

4 x 3 day course includes lunch (12 days training with 12 lunches) and coffee/tea, and a series of e-learning modules to continue learning at home.

Reserve your place with €200 non-refundable deposit, balance payable as 6 non-refundable instalments of €342;
€342 by end of January 2021;
€342 by end of March 2021;
€342 by end of May 2021;
€342 by end of July 2021;
€340 balance by end of September 2021.

April 2 -4
June 4 – 6
August 27 – 29
October 1 – 3

Where: France, Moux-en-Morvan (58230)

Some of the subjects:

What is trailing?
Laying trails;
How to teach a trailing dog: different methods to teach trailing will be shown and discussed; no two dogs are the same.
Runaways/Firetrails. What is wrong with letting the dog see the misper disappear?
Should we use runaways / firetrails as motivation?
How would you approach a new dog team who has already trailing experience?
Scent inventory: what is this? When do you do it and how?
Reading different dogs, focus, distractions;
What is “checking” on the trail?
To do blind or double blind???
When to progress.
Dogs that don’t work = Motivation
How would you assess a new dog team (who has experience)?
Following the dog team (what can go wrong when you follow a dog team?);
What is the dog following? Are you confirming the dog by following that he is following the right scent/trail?
Searching for the trail. When do you follow?